How Fortune 500 Companies Build Their BrandA logo is a prolific symbol to represent a company as a whole. Large companies such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, and Nike stand aside their stapled logo. When someone mentions the brand Nike, you automatically think about the trademarked “swoosh.” These logos become naturally ingrained inside of consumers’ heads and serve as comforting reminders.

Questions You Need To Ask
How does a massive company choose their logo?
Pepsi had developed their tri-tone logo in the year 1950 and they still stick by its general format today.
Coca-Cola had developed its script-written logo in 1885 and it has generally remained the same to this day.
So, how exactly do companies select their logo of choice?
The answer is simple, they are given multiple renditions of logos to choose from. The “head honcho” reviews these logos then sends them to other high ranked officials from the company for approval. Once an agreement has been made, they start printing and using that chosen logo.
A company’s logo may change over time!
As shown here, over time, a company usually chooses to revamp their logo to fit into modern standards better. Who knows, maybe a company updated their official logo with a past rendition!
Refreshing your company’s appearance is always beneficial, and a fresh logo is always a great start!
Various Big League Company LogosWhat if my company needs a “Professional logo?”
Well, unfortunately, there are not many sincerely professional logo designers within the commercial internet market. It’s hard for designers who produce dozens of logos a day to specifically fit your description of a logo.
The best thing to do is to sketch out what you have in mind, then send it to a professional designer to help make it into a reality.
If you have a specific design in mind, have your sketch or concept design available digitally. This may mean in a .jpg, .png, .psd, .pdf or .ai file.
What software is used in professional logo creation?
A logo creation service would most likely manipulate and design the logo in Adobe Illustrator. This program allows for a “vector” of the image. This means it has unrestrained resizability. This helps for convenient logo appliance when size matters.
Another common logo creation tool is Adobe Photoshop. As you can tell, the Adobe line of products are popular, yet effective tools. Photoshop is used for very fine detailing, further manipulation, and customization.
Is it expensive to have a professional logo designed?
Having a logo designed for your company can be costly. Mainstream logo designers such as LogoBee look to charge as much as $549 for their premium logo creation service.
If you aren’t looking to break your bank over a logo, there are more reasonable services available.
When looking for a budget logo creation website, make sure to know how many renditions they offer. Renditions may be called concepts.
A great option is a new professional logo creation website named Namecrate which recently popped up. It promises unbeatable prices, and quality results. Complete with renditions (or concepts), it is hard to find such a modest-priced service.


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